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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today's list of someone's neighbors activities

When did the world become so cold and stupid? This woman lives next to someone, maybe you. One must wonder where the mummy dog and fellow siblings to this lone newborn of only two weeks is. This puppy was so young and vulnerable that it had not even opened the eyes yet to see a hazy glimpse of the world, and sadly it never would. This woman who must be one of the dumbest people on earth attempted to board a plane with this tiny tot in her carry on bag. She was caught, of course. How in this day and age of airport security did she think she could pull this off?  So what does she do? A dilemma to say the least. Now there are a lot of people at an airport and not everyone is there to catch a plane out, some are flying in and many people are waiting for others or dropping them off. What would be the odds she could have handed this tiny pup to someone, especially if she told them her intent if someone did not take the little puppy? But did she attempt this before she does the unthinkable? Feeling trapped and alone like a single mom of today's end times she does what many parents have done,  she drowned the puppy in the airport bathroom! Imagine that! Let us hope her neighbors don't offer her any puppies they might have to give away when she is released from jail, It appears she missed that flight after all and this puppy death is truly and ultimately a complete waste of precious life. HERE

Many neighbors we have has teenagers in their family and somehow in these end days we are no longer surprised much by what we have found them capable of doing. So when a story about a young 16 year old meeting another boy close to his age for an apparent drug deal that goes horribly wrong ending in the shooting death of the dealer, I guess we say 'what a shame' but not all that surprised, it happens everyday. But to look at this kid who really looks twelve and not sixteen, innocent boy face who acted like a mean gang member I am surprised for some reason. My big question is not how a boy shot another boy but where did he get the gun? Older brother, incompetent dad or a friend? They don't say. Maybe his older sister knew where to get a gun since she decided to threaten a witness to this crime in an effort to help her baby brother. Seems like the whole family has been raised aggressors. You would think the civilized society are just like a pack of wolves pushing their weight around like a survival of the fittest living in a jungle. Well, these are someones siblings of a neighbor that may live near you. Considering all they do in this one situation it probably isn't the first indication they are bad apples. Their neighbors are probably glad the neighbor brats are out of the neighborhood for awhile. HERE

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