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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Learning Anatomy in the Cub Scouts

The cub scouts used to be about camping trips, learning survival, earning badges I thought. In today's end times it must be about how the human body is nothing to be ashamed of and although the parents were shocked the teacher/leader guy planning these outings and watching over these kids seem to feel it's normal to see people walking around naked. If it's normal, in his mind, the best place to go on a nature trip would be a nudist beach. Who approves of these cub scout trips anyway or as I suspect did he fail to mention the trail they would walk leads right into the nudest beach? If they stumbled upon the naked people, as they did, it would simply introduce these youngsters to how normal it is.
The parents filed a complaint as 'normal' parents would but the result was the same as the teacher/leader that knew where they were going because as he said to one mother 'my wife & I come here all the time.' What did he say?  The official determination from the boy scouts who deals with these complaints is that 'some people were inappropriately dressed.' This tells us to get these kids out of these groups now! They agree and stand behind the perverted teacher/leader, they called the naked beach goers  'inappropriately dressed.' When was naked being dressed in some way. Does inappropriate mean some guy had a hard on walking by?
Why would anyone send their kids to a group like these boy/cub scouts anymore? Because they are a respectful, established, accepted backbone of extra curriculum and extension of learning about all forms of nature. Because kids have been going to these kinds of groups for years and it offers great (shocking) memories to be carried with them the rest of their lives. Can we now accept the new idea these were beneficial to a boys upbringing once about ten years ago. Can we agree we don't live like leave it to beaver anymore and have corralled toward the oblivion of the end days? A time where no child should participate in any school or group activity anymore, even school itself! This incident, unpunished or unseen as crime, by the powers that be has proven this. No teacher/leader will be reprimanded. He may even get the leader of the year during the next medal honoring boy/cub scout ceremony.
Will any parent take their kids out? Will any parent investigate what is happening to the kids when they are not looking? I mean grown man leading little boys to a nudist camp? Sounds perverted to me or maybe I'm just old fashion. HERE

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